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Main Street Approach

As a
National Main Street community, the Heart of Scottsville adheres to the historic preservation based approach to economic development. The Main Street approach relies heavily on community action and initiative. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, historic downtown's must take advantage of their unique assets which are : distinct architecture, a pedestrian-friendly environment, personal service, local ownership, and a sense of community.

In an effort to help downtown communities best capitalize on their unique attributes, the Main Street program developed the Four-Point Approach. It encompasses work in four distinct areas - Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Restructuring - that are combined to address all of the commercial district's needs.

Organization Getting everyone working toward the same goal. The Heart of Scottsville board works hard to make sure that the interests of the downtown are represented and promoted. Providing primary oversight for the Heart of Scottsville, the board manages the activities and guides the direction of the organization.

Promotion  Promotes a positive image of the commercial district and encourages consumers and investors to live, work, shop, play and invest in the downtown district.  Scottsville's historic downtown is unique. By marketing those special amenities through advertising and special events, more people will frequent Scottsville's business district. Whether through our partnership with the Arts on Main Summer Concert Series, new marketing and advertisement campaigns, or our Historic Walking Tour, the Heart of Scottsville is working to expose more people to our historic small town.

Design  Getting downtown Scottsville into top physical shape. At the top of the list of priorities is finishing the Heart of Scottsville Streetscape Project. Once complete, the downtown will showcase new street furniture, signs, sidewalks, street lights, and landscaping. Much more can be done to attract visitors and even local residents downtown. To improve the appearance of the downtown, better maintenance practices must be incorporated; buildings will need rehabilitating; new construction may be necessary; and design standards must be enhanced.  

Economic Restructuring  Strengthen's a community's existing economic assets while expanding and diversifying its economic base.  Converting unused or underused commercial space into economically productive property helps boost the profitability of the district. The Heart of Scottsville also recruits new businesses interested in locating in a thriving downtown.