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"I believe the downtown area is truly the 'heart' of the community, providing economic and cultural vitality as the foundation of a progressive, attractive community."
-Janet Johnson

"I was born in Scottsville and have lived in Allen County all my life.  I have seen downtown as a vital and thriving center of retail.  It is my vision that my children and grandchildren could enjoy the same small town vitality."
-Gayle Davis

"Although not the sole reason for serving, one of the reasons that I do so is because I believe that "first impressions" are important for industrial recruitment. An attractive downtown, bustling with business and pleasing to the eye, tells our visitors that we're proud of Scottsville, that we have a good community self-image, and that we have respect for our past and faith in our future."
-Franklin Foster

"The downtown is the main attraction to any visitor and it expresses what we are all about."
-Barbara Mayes

About Us

The Heart of Scottsville is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and economic development of Scottsville's historic downtown. Since Scottsville's founding in 1815, the downtown has been a center of community and commercial activity. By promoting the image of the historic business district and preserving and renovating our historic structures, the Heart of Scottsville is working to keep  downtown Scottsville vibrant.

The Heart of Scottsville is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation with a 13 member volunteer board and one full time employee. As a community driven organization, the Heart of Scottsville is working to transform downtown Scottsville into the center for Commerce, Culture and Community.

The Heart of Scottsville was conceived in the early 1990's, when members of the Scottsville - Allen County Chamber of Commerce expressed concern over the state of Scottsville's downtown. Focused on improving the aesthetic and shopping environment in the community's central business district, the Chamber of Commerce's Beautification Committee created a plan to overhaul the streetscape on the Public Square . The project, called the Heart of Scottsville Streetscape Plan, began to take shape after years of hard work.

After the Kentucky Renaissance Program was developed to help revitalize the Commonwealth's historic downtowns, the Heart of Scottsville evolved into more than just a streetscape improvement plan. Partnering with the Renaissance Program and the National Trust for Historic Preservation National Main Street Program, the Heart of Scottsville was incorporated and became a separate organization. With a focus on preserving the historic treasures in the downtown while fostering a strong commercial environment, the Heart of Scottsville is now working to create a viable central business district that caters to shoppers, residents, visitors, and office workers.

As mentioned, the Heart of Scottsville is a certified member of the Kentucky Renaissance program receiving its designation in 2002, and is one of approximately 2,000 Main Street communities located throughout the United States . In 2004, First Lady Laura Bush named Scottsville a Preserve America community. This White House initiative encourages economic development and community revitalization through education and heritage tourism. In 2009 we finished our last quadrant of our public square, and in 2011 signed a contract to begin work to renovate the entry roads coming into the square.

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